We value your opinion and will pay you for your time!
State Department Federal Credit Union has partnered with an independent consulting firm, Support Financial Resources (SFR), to help evaluate and improve our service. Please accept this invitation to be an independent shopper in our Service Shopper Program. Your feedback is important to us and will help improve our performance in the future. Read below for more details.
What is a Service Shopper? A member, like you, who visits State Department Federal Credit Union and then documents the service experience in an online evaluation form. A shopper needs to be objective and fair-minded. NOTE: A shopper must also remain anonymous, it is important that you do not reveal your identity as a shopper to ANY State Department Federal Credit Union employee. State Department Federal Credit Union employees, board and supervisory committee members and their families may not participate. If you have inadvertently received this invitation, please disregard.
What is a Service Shop? A shop is an independent and objective viewpoint designed to highlight strengths and improvement opportunities in an effort to deliver enhanced service to you.
How much time will it take? Minimal time is required because you shop the State Department Federal Credit Union location you typically visit. Shop evaluation forms typically take about 20 minutes or less and are completed and submitted online to our independent consulting firm, Support Financial Resources (SFR).
How will I be compensated? For each completed teller, phone or electronic shop, we will deposit a stipend of $20 directly into your checking or savings account. A stipend of $25 is deposited for each completed member service shop.
How will I know what to do? When you are scheduled for your first shop, you will receive a welcome email from SFR. The email will include a link to everything you need to get started including the electronic Service Shopper Handbook. The handbook includes detailed guidelines on completing shops, instructions on how to complete evaluation forms, and what to look for in terms of quality service. It will only take about an hour of your time to become familiar with the program. IMPORTANT: The Service Shopper Handbook must be read before completing any shops.
How often will I be asked to
conduct a "shop?"
You will receive an email from SFR regarding all shop assignments - usually one (1) per month. The email will tell you what type of shop to conduct and will indicate what month in which to complete the shop. We may ask you to evaluate retail services department. For this type of shop assignment, SFR will provide you with sample scenarios to use if you don't have an actual retail service need. If you do not receive an email in a given month, you are not scheduled to shop that month.
Will I be able to opt out of the program? Absolutely, the only thing we ask is that you call or email SFR directly to notify them that you would like to be removed from the scheduling list by the 15th of any given month to prevent being scheduled for the following month.
What if I have more questions? If you have any questions about the program, please contact Support Financial Resources directly at 1.800.444.5465, Option 4 or ShopperHelp@ServiceExperiences.com. If you would like to verify the credit union's participation in this program, please contact Faith Miller, Chief Lending and Member Experience Officer at 1.703.706.5923.
Special Announcement! Support Financial Resources will randomly draw Three (3) winners each month from a list of completed shops, each winner will receive a Visa or MasterCard Gift Card valued at $50.00!
Your assistance in ensuring the overall quality of the credit union would be much appreciated and, as indicated above, we are happy to compensate you for your time and effort. If you are interested in participating in the Service Shopper Program, please click the link below.

Current shoppers need not reapply - thank you for your feedback!
If you are having difficulties with this website, please email
Remember: Credit union employees and their families are not eligible to participate.
*Compensation does not constitute an employment contract - it is simply a Thank You for your time.

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